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Biohack your brain, body and mind for life


Wednesday, 11th of September, 6-8pm

Brain fog?  Memory slipping?  Do you wake up all night long?  Have you had a concussion or TBI? Do you feel like you never fire on all cylinders?  OR perhaps you have a family history of Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s?

These are all indicators that your brain could be in trouble or heading for it!

Don’t panic!  Don’t ignore it!  There’s SO much you can do!

Join us for a 2hr long evening workshop to discover how to choose the food you eat, the nutrients you take, and the lifestyle habits you choose, plus some cool exciting new technology to BioHack your Brain & Body for life.
Learn what to include or avoid to help prevent, delay and reverse brain injuries/issues & cognitive decline.
We’ll explain about more advanced screening to check your risk factors, or your current position if you’re already struggling AND what you can change right now to protect your brain for the long term!  

You’ll also get to test out our Brain Boosting snacks, some kombucha for your belly, AND take the recipes to play with at home.

Jo Grabyn is a Manly local and one of Australia’s leading Nutritional Medicine Practitioners in the Brain & Mental Health area.  Jo was one of the first Aussie medical professionals to certify in the Bredesen Protocol – using Nutritional and Functional Medicine for Metabolic Enhancement of Neurodegeneration (in essence, preventing and reversing early onset dementia, Alzheimers Disease and cognitive decline).  With over 15 years experience, focused on mental health, fatigue, autoimmunity, the health issues of long term stress & treating patients with complex, chronic illnesses, taking this next step to attend Professor Bredesen’s World-First training was a ‘no-brainer’ for her!  

After all, we do only get #1Brain1BodyforLife!

What’s Included: 

75 min lecture by Jo Grabyn

45 min Q&A

Brain-boosting snacks with gut-healing kombucha

Recipe to take home


$49 per person


Tickets can be purchased online via Ruby Lane website OR over the counter at Ruby Lane.

Limited capacity.

Don’t miss out on this brain enriching event and prevent yourself from future health problems.

If you have any questions contact Ruby Lane Team on 9977 7386 or

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Team Ruby & Jo Grabyn

Cancellation Policy:
7 days notice or more required for a full refund
After this time you may transfer it to a friend or colleague with notice to us via email or phone


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