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“2016 winners of Sustainability Award.”Northern Beaches Local Business Awards, 2016
“A cafe bringing a whole lot of wholefood heart to Manly.”
Broadsheet, 2016
“Manly is famous for its fine food, wine, night life, beaches, you name it! But now there’s a new kid in town – her name is Ruby Lane and she’s something rather special. This place screams quality and authenticity with its emphasis on food that is not only super-healthy but tastes great too!”Sacred Grounds Organic, 2016
“An organic grocer and 110-seat eatery rolled into one, Ruby Lane serves chia and buckwheat pancakes with wellbeing workshops on the side.”Good Food, 2016
“Open for breakfast and lunch, this whole foods institute is all about providing fresh meals packed with goodness with a side of sea breeze.”Best Restaurants, 2016
“Ruby Lane Cafe and Grocer will be serving green smoothies, chia buckwheat pancakes and grass-fed burgers.”Daily Telegraph, 2015