About Ruby Lane

The Menu
Here at Ruby Lane, our VISION is to make a healthy lifestyle fun, social, available and inspirational…that’s why our menu will have you struggling to choose, not because of limited healthy options, but because it’s ALL-good! The way it should be. We use seasonal ingredients that you recognise, whether you can pronounce it or not! Keeeen-waaah ; ) and that aren’t manufactured in a lab. Our passion is to respect the food and legendary farmers by highlighting the natural qualities of these ingredients and carefully pairing them to deliver the tastiest most nutrient dense meals possible so you can truly eat yourself HAPPY! So whether you’re in for a top brunch with organic coffee, at a function, off site catering, or at a workshop you’ll know you’re health is being looked after…

Organic Grocer & Retail
We stock our grocer with all the good stuff (literally), our shelves our only filled with sustainable produce provided by organic and local suppliers. Most of the ingredients we use on our menu are available in our grocer. We want to cover you from head to toe with everything you need to lead a healthy & happy life. That’s why we also stock recipe books, nutrition books and healthy eating guides.

Giving Back
Being lovers of real food we also get a kick out of being super sustainable and are big believers that everyone has a choice to support this way of living. SO, we’ve put solar power on the roof, we use biodegradable packaging and chemicals, have a jar deposit system for returning your kombucha and nut butter jars and donate any unused food at the end of the day with Oz Harvest. Even our food waste goes to generating bio-energy. We especially pay careful attention to where all of our food comes from and use organic, biodynamic and locally sourced produce at every opportunity.

We also love our local community and are involved with the Royal Far West School for disadvantaged kids giving cooking lessons monthly and we donate to The Sealife Trust to help save our turtles on the Northern Beaches, because, how awesome are turtles!

Our Story
After leading a busy life managing large venues, training for triathlons and becoming a parent of two, Manly local Phil Dawson, soon felt the world catch up with him. Whilst following the conventional ‘healthy’ diet and consuming too many hidden sugars and additives Phil was left lacking the energy required to do the things he loved, including surfing (alarm bells!)….and being a role model for his kids. Desperate to do something about it he has been on a path of discovery through nutrition and holistic health and feels the need to share this with you and the community.

Driven by the philosophy that you can create a salivating experience for any occasion without compromising on nutrition, Phil is out to inspire the community to make more informed choices. Come say hi in our café, organic grocer or at our next workshop…